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Intervention Support

The staff at Eucalyptus School is committed to supporting all students and ensuring that they all achieve at high levels academically.  We have a highly structured intervention plan that takes place during our instructional day.  That plan includes:

  • Web-based data analysis system called "School Net" which assists teachers in determining student needs and instructional effectiveness.
  • District-adopted curriculum that is designed with specific components to support struggling learners and students who are English Learners.
  • In-class small group lessons are held throughout the day.  Students who are struggling academically are targeted by their teachers and a discrete skill is supported.
  • Ongoing formative assessments every 6-8 weeks to analyze student needs.
  • Intervention pull-out and push-in groups with our two Special Projects Teachers and Intervention Teachers.
  • Students are selected by the site Academic Coaches and Intervention Team  for these groups based on analysis of School Net reports regarding their performance on the formative assessments.
  • Analysis of pre- and post-test data to determine the effectiveness of our Intervention Program.
  • Student Success Team meetings held to determine additional student needs.

Meet our Intervention Team


Ms.  Arciga: Counselor

Mrs.  Cuevas: English Learner Special Projects
Mrs. Mensinger: Special Projects
Mrs. Ortiz: Dean of Students
Mr. Elliott:  Psychologist
Mrs. Tran:  Math Coach
Ms. Hastings: Literacy Coach