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Student Success Team



Our Student Success Team (SST) is in place to provide additional support for students who are struggling in either academics or citizenship.  Teachers will contact parents to suggest that an SST meeting be held whenever they identify pervasive concerns.  The SST process begins when a parent agrees to hold this meeting.  Parents may also request an SST meeting at any time.

SST meetings provide positive opportunities to share ideas between home and staff to help support students in their academic pursuits.  Positive student attributes are discussed and the team works to determine how to capitalize on those positive qualities and move students toward success. 

Parents are integral members of the SST team and we also include our Counselor, Literacy Coach, Special Projects Teachers and various classroom teachers in these meetings. 

If you have any questions regarding the SST process please call the office to get in contact with Ms. Yanel Arciga, our Counselor, who leads our SST team.